North, South, East, West

I have always dreamt of making a short film about feet/shoes/slippers. How far can your feet take you? What kind of shoes do you wear? Rubber shoes, boots, high-heeled shoes, slippers or do you walk barefoot? 

How true is it, that the first thing that the other person looks at are your shoes? Some people doesn't even wear shoes or slippers at all. I had been into a place where children and some old people who walks barefoot.

"You have very nice shoes", said the young Aeta to me.

In year 2014, me and a group of Rotarians went to a few rural places in Pampanga where a community of Aeta lives. They manages to live a very simple life. Not thinking much about if they have good shoes or not. They actually love to wear the rubber slippers on the elbows instead to protect it from being sratched when they crawl up the mountainous, rocky hills. It is where they live. Planting their own vegetables, fruits and rootcrops is a practical tradition. 

To earn a little amount of money, they sometimes go down to towns and carry a heavy basket on top of their heads and sell them. 

Back to the mountains.

Aetas are indigenous people who live in the mountainous parts of Luzon in my homeland, Philippines. They are the first inhabitants of the small islands. Aetas have small features, curly or kinky hair and brown to dark skin. Some people call them "Negritos". 

Back then, I used to cut curly hair that smells like "organic sweat" if I will described it. They use everything from the nature to clean themselves. Sometimes, if they could have an access to, they receive hygiene supplies from many volunteers or charity organizations from the Philippines and from foreigners.


Your feet, imagination and curiosity can take you to many places.

I find it interesting to hear about people's journey. Some of them loves to travel, not only because they could afford to do so, but they find joy in seeing the beauty of a place, feel the ambience that exists only in a particular place, create moments with the people they meet, taste the original & traditional cuisine, or discover something new. 

The common denominator is that, we live on the same ground, breath the same air, surrounded by one sun and moon, and the skies. 

I do not consider myself a traveler. Not even a wanderer. Maybe an explorer. I could not really relate to those who travels a lot, but I could learn something from them- their points of view, experiences and many more.

In my ambush interview with a good friend named Vera Leprozo, I came to realized that life is short and it should have great stories to tell over a cup of coffee or tea or hot chocolate. 

You can of course mark on your globe map every place you visited, but do you remember the experience you had on that trip? That's it, we pay for beautiful memorable experiences. 

Watch the  that I made with my friend  and learn why travelling has a fulfilling nature.





Sheree Ann Kratmann Indiongco