Choose to be Happy


Quick and easy tips to cope up with stress and depression.

Some people say, eat more, sleep more and eat lots of chocolates. Well, it sounds unhealthy though, but it always depends on how you perceives it.

We can put it like this: eat healthier, sleep longer and eat real chocolates.

1. Count your blessings, even the smallest you can think of.

The blue skies above, the quiet community you have, your recognitions from working hard for your family, your husband, wife and kids, the people who thank you for delivering a good service at work, your beautiful features and most of all the values that many recognizes/knows about you.

2. Try a new hobby with a friend, a family member or even do something you like to do alone - like painting, writing, running, bicycling or other forms of physical and mental exercises that would keep you get moving. Combine it with healthy eating habits; you are what you eat. 

In my case, I was singing minus one to Jacob and cooking has always been my best remedy. You may even want to join volunteer work where you can apply and contribute your skills and learn more from other people.

3. Remove the clutter in your life. Eliminate unneccesary things in your bedroom/house. Clean up. Pay your bills (as soon as you can). Try to make amends with the people you thought you have hurt or owes an apology to. 

4. Adopt a "kæledyr"/pet. It works.

...and many more.

See the simple things that brings us joy here.


...and if there is a need for a professional help, visit Siri.

On January 30, I visited Siri in her "hyggeligt" clinic in Hellerup. The purpose of the interview is to know more about the treatment of depression, anxiety and other similar conditions where one must be aware of. In this way, we may be able to help our own family, friends and other people who are experiencing it and enduring the pain for a longer period of time. 

Siri is a special psychologist for more than 10-years and with her broad experience in treating patients in the psychiatric ward, she has earned good training and conducted diagnoses without prescribing medicines. Now, she has established her own clinic where you can have a one-to-one talk with her and maybe drink a cup of tea or coffee together. 

One doesn't need to take medicines to be well or feel well, but rather attend a single session or multiple sessions with her and nothing is scary, as what many could think of

Many of us undergoes through a certain level of anxiety that could affect our way of thinking, turning to bad decisions and painful situations in the long run. It is sad when we cannot cope with our ownselves or if we think that help is out of reach. It could be one's ego or pride that floats up in most cases and it doesn't do any good.

I have known Siri since January 2016 through my mother in Denmark, which is her biological mom. I used to have mothers in every journey, in every place I come to. I feel very blessed in that part.


Visit her website to learn more.

Siri Wessel Wetlesen

Watch the video below.



Sheree Ann Kratmann Indiongco



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