What the winter months has taught me.



Night and Day

Longer nights doesn't always mean shorter days

Strong winds doesn't always mean thunders on the way

Darker skies doesn't always mean rainy days

Deserted streets doesn't always mean emptiness.


People see it as a way of life in the northern part of the world. They may hate it and curse on the weather, but for them, it is a harsh reality (weather), which has thought them to be more creative inside their houses, make plans for the summer, spend more time with family and friends, making their houses beautiful, becoming more concern with the environment - recycling and composting.


The eye of the sun.

The sun has the same level as your naked eyes. UV Rays are much less stronger but it is much appreciated by the people in the north. It reminds them to appreciate the light of the day and enjoy the company of loved ones in the evenings and "hygge sig".

Did you notice the glass windows and walls? It is not just a mere architecture, but a way of living, to let the sunshine in and keep the heat in. Not too many lights a fireplace anymore, for it is not good to the environment. It is more practical to invest on a well insulated house these days. Some houses have solar panels that helps them save energy from the sun and sell the excess energy collected to the energy companies. Isn't that smart? I have asked Lars (my husband's uncle) about the investment of solar panels, that they themselves have for their house. You may want to read it to get an inspiration from the view of an individual who invested solar panels. I translated it in Danish to English. Solar panels. An investor's point of view.


Bring on a warm light designed to give you a glow.

The most sophisticated lamps can be found in Denmark. Louis Poulsen. I was enticed with its beauty even before I knew that it is of Denmark's. 

One of the finest archicture are of Scandinavia's. Clean, white and airy. White gives a lighter calming ambience to a dark nordic house, while the color black signifies simplicty and creates that classy feel. 


Cozy mornings.

With that soft and warm duvet, waking up in the morning is a challenge. It makes it more impossible to get up from that bed with your loved ones. You know you cannot stay longer cuddling unless it is a weekend. Even then, it is a shame not to get some vitamin D on your pale skin. With not enough of it will make you feel tired and moody. With my brown skin, I need twice vitamin D compare to those with fairer skin color.

And oh endorphins. I was not able to do my routinary running exercises through the forests and beside the calming sea. It was terrible. Tried a few times with my warm jogging outfit and still good worn out running shoes. My bad!

I ended up having cold feet, but I sweat twice more in the winter than in the summer time, for you uses twice energy to keep yourself warm. Some days are tougher because of that slippery ice that melted from yesterdays heavy snow.


On the other side, I love seeing the snow. White, clean and fine snow. I enjoy taking photos and videos on the sea and on the lake, where you can find icycles, frozen lakes and people ice skating. It is amazing! I have not experienced that extreme before. 


The dry weather effect.

Temperature that drops to more than negative 10 degrees celcius causes ones skin to break out and feel itchy or worst, flaky. 

It was only the time that I invested on a good moisturizer and dry oils. It was all worth it. Some invests on a good humidifier to help balance the moisture needed in a room.

Try finding the right moisturizer for you. Avoid using products with parabens if necessary. 

I love using dry oils. The smell of white tea is the best.


Most of all, the winter months has thought me to be very patient, become ready for anything new and continue improving yourself in any field you like. 




Sheree Ann Kratmann Indiongco


Blooming Etiquette