A thirty-minute bus ride on hot summer days in DK

 Episode 1


Das Feld


It was half past twelve in the afternoon when the bus to Hellerup came. The temperature is up to 30 degrees celcius this summer of 2018 in Denmark, so an air-conditioned bus that carries more than 30 or more passengers is a must. It was the first time in the recorded history from 1920 as what they say. Normally, it only ranges from 24-26 degrees even in the peak of summer time, but this is entirely new. It felt like that the spring time rushed to say hi and waved goodbye in no time, then summer it is. It started in the beginning of May. It hasn’t rain that much since then as well. The streams dried up 2-3 meters below, there is not much green grass for the free walking cows, horses and all other animals to eat. Yes animals need to walk around and enjoy their freedom in the field, get some sunshine and fresh air as well. It happens between May and August. In that way, they give us better milk, higher quality of meat and in return, we are complying to better animal welfare.


A middle age sweet lady was sitting next to me, who happen to have a poster from Louisiana museum, a german roman novel and a ticket to Hellerup in her hands at once.


"It takes a bit of time to get there. That is where I am going as well" I said.

She smiled and said Dank je, which means thank you in holland language. She was reading a book entitled Das Feld, it sounds german I thought and I was right.


"Oh is that book in german?" I asked.

"Yes, do you read german?"

"No, I speak danish", I replied.

"But you understand the german language, right?" The conversation starts to be interesting at this point, especially when you think you speak a similar language.

"No, I don't speak german, but I can understand norwegian and some swedish."


 "Interesting, so you were born in Norway?" -she is confused now.


 "No, I was born in the Philippines and I have only been in Denmark for 37 months and I am working at Lakrids. Unfortunately I do not have any in my bag that you can taste, it would be nice if I have some with me." I showed her the website instead and yes, she knows liquorice, which is called drop in Holland.


"Anyway, what does the book talks about?"

"It talks about life, learnings and experiences," -she said.


 Das Feld (The Field) by Robert Seethaler

If the dead could look back on their lives, what would they tell? One was born, fell into play and died. Another has finally understood what time his life decided. One remembers that her husband has held her hand for her lifetime. The other had seventy men but only a loved one. And you thought: You have to get out of here. But then he remained. Robert Seethaler's new novel is about what can not be understood. It's a book about human life, each and every one, each connected with others. They are the novel of a small city and a picture of human coexistence.


"My husband loves to read books, mostly fantasy and sarcasm. He reads Terry Pratchetts'. He has the complete Discworld series. 



From where I live, it takes 30 minutes for the bus to reach Hellerup and change to a city train and one more bus. There is no doubt that it is always "hyggeligt" to talk with the people in the bus. So next time, try not to be very busy looking at your mobile phone or any gadgets and see what happens. You'll be surprise how good you will feel despite the inconvenience (sometimes) of public transport. I asked her how long she will be staying in Copenhagen, she said she’s driving back the next day to Hamburg together with three other people. She is luckily the guide for the whole trip. We waved at each other and said goodbye and goodluck with everything. She said "Dank je wel". That was sweet. 


You may want to read about DSB's homepage for more information, especially if you are travelling to Denmark.


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