Scrolls of Etiquette - The long awaited sequel of Blooming Etiquette

Scrolls of Etiquette is a transition from my first blogsite – Blooming Etiquette that started in February 2017 to a more engaging one. It is the birth of dynamic thoughts in discovering what might be more interesting to my readers from two different worlds – primarily Denmark and my homeland Philippines.

Blooming Etiquette has three main subjects. Culture, Technology and Green Environment. Scrolls of Etiquette will focus on home-making, finding sustainable products and solutions considering the capabilities of one country to another, building a connection through the development or establishment of the same or similar concept.

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About me


Our future is uncertain. So, have fun, be kind to nature, work hard, help others and stay healthy.” 


In the past, I have been selling air-time for television and radio in one of the regional network groups of the longest running TV network in the Philippines. During that time, I discovered that writing storyboards for my clients is an edge in order to sell airtime. I had a wonderful time working in the company, especially with my clients.

Air time (broadcasting), also spelled "airtime", available hours for broadcast or time purchased for broadcast. -Wikipedia

College life

In January 2006, I was a fellow in Pamiyabe creative writing workshop and two of my stories (fiction in Filipino namely -- Tadhana and Sa Muling Pagkikita) were published in the 2nd Digmaang Rosas literary folio at Holy Angel University. Special thanks to my good friend Evelyn and our dabarkads in encouraging me to audition for the workshop.

Graduated in 2010 BSBA with specialization in Marketing Management. I was once a favorite student (by subject class) of one of the best marketing instructor Jesus Panlilio. But maybe like you (or some), I did not spark like a diamond, since I lived a not so normal college student life. It was filled with spices that resulted into sharper tastebuds. See the section of my website -- Spice up your life. Therefore, cooking became my passion and later in life it became one of my sources of income. You can ask Frivilligcenter Fredensborg for that, where I did some cooking for events as a volunteer. Taking photographs and making videos was also a part of it.

Recently, I finished reading an on-line course -- video storytelling (creative class) and video cinematography by Andrew St. Pierre White on Udemy while on maternity leave. I always have my camera with me to capture anything under the blue and gray skies. My expertise relies more on writing storyboards; making sure that your product would be heard. Would you like to have a short video with a story that could catch your audiences' interests? Do you need a good and effective slideshow / PowerPoint presentation, or do you need a brochure that would talk about your products in paperless form? I would also be happy to show you my previous professional and personal projects. Write to me.

My primary interests are organic and ecological food and products, technology (green environment), nature, animals,  architecture and design. The art of recycling is what I am mastering at the moment. ...and yes, I love "lagkage" because it is filled with "fløde" and berries. Everything else can be documented. Linkedin profile.






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