Part 2. Not much has changed

It is 12:30 midnight. My back hurts as a result of being a full-time mom at the moment. Fulfilling, exhausting, addictive. I could not find better words by being one. 

As usual, my mind is filled with things I would like to do. Write, read and listen to music. It seems a little impossible to accomplish these everyday. Sleep -- I am deprived. Writing -- I am hungry. Reading -- I need more. Music -- enough to keep me up. 

"Baby you know that dreams are there for those who sleeps, life it's for us to keep" and the song goes on from YouTube. A classic one from Bread. I am asian. Melancholic, Romantic, 80's baby. Yes, as much as research is concern, Asians are tuned to these genres compare to Scandinavians. Five years being in Denmark is not enough to make this conclusions yet. Strange it might seem, I am loving danish music. Try listening to one of Anne Linnet's songs and of Kim Larsen's folk songs. If you are into romantic mode, listen to Mads Langer, and upbeat or rock listen to Volbeat. There are a lot. 

Playing the songs I used to listen to, takes me to the same old habits I had before. Staying up late where everybody is having their REM. So quiet, cozy and peaceful. May it be here or in the Philippines.

Yes, nothing much has changed.

Nothing much, really. All these things in the present moment are a part of the life we created. I still dip the bread in my coffee, listen to the same music I grew up with, and connects to the people I care about. I still use the same color of lipstick, loving white shirts and drinks cacao. If there is one thing that has changed, it must Time. The rest is history.