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It is 12:30 midnight. My back hurts as a result of being a full-time mom at the moment. Fulfilling, exhausting, addictive. I could not find better words by being one. 

As usual, my mind is filled with things I would like to do. Write, read and listen to music. It seems a little impossible to accomplish these everyday. Sleep -- I am deprived. Writing -- I am hungry. Reading -- I need more. Music -- enough to keep me up. 

"Baby you know that dreams are there for those who sleeps, life it's for us to keep" and the song goes on from YouTube. A classic one from Bread. I am asian. Melancholic, Romantic, 80's baby. Yes, as much as research is concern, Asians are tuned to these genres compare to Scandinavians. Five years being in Denmark is not enough to make this conclusions yet. Strange it might seem, I am loving danish music. Try listening to one of Anne Linnet's songs and of Kim Larsen's folk songs. If you are into romantic mode, listen to Mads Langer, and upbeat or rock listen to Volbeat. There are a lot. 

Playing the songs I used to listen to, takes me to the same old habits I had before. Staying up late where everybody is having their REM. So quiet, cozy and peaceful. May it be here or in the Philippines.

Yes, nothing much has changed.

Nothing much, really. All these things in the present moment are a part of the life we created. I still dip the bread in my coffee, listen to the same music I grew up with, and connects to the people I care about. I still use the same color of lipstick, loving white shirts and drinks cacao. If there is one thing that has changed, it must Time. The rest is history.





I am celebrating the 4th month of Blooming Etiquette. This section of my homepage is all about my personal reflections. Opening up one's thoughts in public is something new to me and the same to most people I believe. Sometimes we are hesitant to speak our minds out, to be in a debate or to write our views.

What is the reason for not expressing my life's point of view to other people for a long time? 

It is called Fear.

Fear is the worst of all the characteristics I had for quite some time. Fear to be misjudged, left/rejected, forgotten or not being appreciated. 

There were a hundred times that I was asked by the locals and other foreigners "What are you doing in Denmark?" 

A smile is all I can give whenever they ask me now and I think it is hard to answer that question --- repeatedly asks to foreigners coming from a different country. At first, I must admit that I took it negatively, given the fact that it is just a simple question. The same question that I might ask to a foreigner to the Philippines or a new comer in Denmark.

In more than two years of being exposed to the danish culture, I found out that the language is a must to learn. Suddenly, I felt comfortable walking on the streets reading the signs and in the bus. I completely understand what the bus operator says, especially on the rush hours where they (in general ) only speaks in danish and the unavoidable grumpiness is present. I could understand that normal scenario in the city of Copenhagen, but not in the suburbs.

I live in the suburbs of north Sjaelland, that is almost 35 kilometers away from the busy city. I celebrate each day waking up with Jacob who has a british accent. :D

One more thing about learning the language is being knowledgeable about the expressions. How one says it in english, is not always the same in danish. You do not want to be misuderstood in a simple greeting. ;)


Life is surely full of surprises.


The first time I came to Denmark was the hottest summer after a decade in Denmark -- that is on July to August 2014. My friend invited me to see her home in the middle of Jylland. She introduced me to this wonderful land that she called her home. I had to take a month leave off from my job back then. It was worth it flying 16 hours straight and being in Denmark the whole month. I do not consider myself a traveller. I was 27 when I first been on a plane. I said to myself that if I would travel, it would be on the other side of the world. It was not my plan to work abroad during those times. I love my job being an independent contractor - sales consultant in one of the regional network group of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation in the province of Pampanga. I have my friends from previous workplaces, childhood and from the rotary. I had a very dynamic circle of friends; both professionally and personal connections.


Uprooting and Planting oneself again.


I came back to Denmark in the first quarter of 2015 under the cultural exchange program for two years. It was very special. I tried twice to be accepted under the program. Not too many people know about it, but if you are curious you may read On Equal Terms, that I have written two months ago.

I have my personal reasons of coming back to Denmark. One of them is falling in love with the culture, people and the environment in all aspects. 

Leaving what I have planted in my homeland was a big risk. I would never forget the people who made my continuous journey possible in Denmark. I thank God everyday for the courage and patience that I have and for all the things that I have worked for and will work for. You may want to read A Fulfilled Life later.


Connecting with the locals.

This is one of the most effective ways in knowing your city. Wherever you may be. The other falls under the category of connecting with the "new danes" -- these are the immigrants who have been integrating.

Integration as defined by Merriam Webster dictionary:

The act or process or an instance of integrating: such as a :  incorporation as equals into society or an organization of individuals of different groups (such as races)b :  coordination of mental processes into a normal effective personality or with the environment.

In my own definition, integration is connecting professionally to a new culture where you currently live, acquiring their values and good practices, giving focus on their mother tongue/ language, being politically aware and contributing your skills/talents to the best of your abilities to the community you belong. Other things will follow including your own cultural background.

I remember, a friend told me about an international conference that she had attended a few years ago. There were delegates/representatives in each country and they had an exercise going around taking turns talking to other delegates until all of them have tapped each and everyone. It is about finding out what is the common denominator of our differences and she said it is the culture. It doesn't matter where one comes from, provided that one has an open mind to respect what the other culture has and pick or acquire those good values and add them to your own set of values. Share them afterwards to others.


The 2nd part of Deeper Connections is to be published soon.


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