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In my eagerness to find organizations and companies that are willing to share their knowledge about green energy, I got lucky enough to find one. I am interested in learning this kind of technology but still I find it deep and it demands my analytical and logical thinking to understand it.

I had the privilege to interview Sarah Dubord-Gagnon, the Group Coordinator of HowardScott in their office in Denmark on the 7th of September. I must admit that technology is a broad subject and understanding why and how people and organizations work on it to provide environmental benefits that demands great initiatives and planning is important.


I have asked Sarah about her personal opinion about Green Environment during my interview with her. This is the same question that I would like to ask my readers as well. You can leave a comment below and state your opinion. I would love to hear your thoughts.


Sheree: We know that shifting to being ecological /environment friendly is something that one must understand and put one's initiatives into action even in small quantities to start with (like at home or within your community/group). For me as a culture, technology and green environment blogger, writing is my tool to convey my awareness. 


Question: Do you have any inputs or tips that you would like to share/ or would like to do in the near future in order to help in sustaining this ambitious goal (attaining a greener environment)?


Sarah: "It might sound funny but I like to say “ Don’t ask what you can do for sustainability but ask what sustainability can do for you!” It’s the best way to realize all of the positive impacts sustainability can have in your life (financially, socially, for your health) it is then easier for you to find the motivation to change even the smallest habits in order to be more sustainable when you realize the impact!

Start with your everyday life, the smallest actions! How do you use water, what do you buy in terms of food, clothes, goods? Could you make better choices? How difficult would it be? With these little changes you will see the benefits and be even more willing to move on to some bigger questions like How am I using energy? Could I get better sources?

I do it for myself and I try to talk about it enough so my entourage, friends, family will also think and talk about it and will eventually apply the same interest to their work, projects, companies! When a person realizes the benefits of sustainability it is good and when an entire industry realizes it, it’s great!" 


Goals of the interview

1. To learn about green energy and when we say green, we mean clean, but more than that, we want to know why it is good for our environment and how we could save money in the long run by investing on it.

2. To share awareness, knowledge / learnings, to promote good practices to other people, regardless of economic status (concerning the initiatives towards caring for the environment).


Reduction of Co2 emissions

Through the use of sustainable energy sources, we could greatly contribute to the reduction of our emission of greenhouse gas.

We learned on the first section of my blog under Technology: Understanding Great Technological Advances (scroll down further after the last part of this blog) about renewable / sustainable energy and how do we acquire energy from nature. Now, we know that energy could be stored and use, allowing us to save money.


Economic concerns

One of the few challenges that hinders us sometimes in converting to these methods is because of economic concerns. Corporations and Industries like hotels, manufacturing firms and all that has high energy consumption would find it useful. Return of investment could be the most asked question when shifting to it.

As our conversation goes deeper into the economic part, I slowly realized that it could be possible to attain it provided that we get more understanding for its long term benefits. This will save industries from paying a lot on their electric bills and after some time, their end-consumers could save money as well. 

In addition to my blog about renewable energy and its economic concern, I have also learned that UN Environment (team Ecosystem management) is doing an effort to promote the preservation of our Ecosystem and that covers the following areas: 1) Economics of Ecosystem, 2) Integrated Solutions, 3) Funding the Future, 4) Private Sector Buy In and 5) Education. 

It is good to know that many individuals, groups and community are working towards the promotion of a cleaner environment by implementing actions in different ways. You can read more on my earlier blog Green Transport.


In my one to one interview with Sarah, I got a thorough explanation of what they provides to their clients.

HowardScott is a Danish company with global reach providing clean energy solutions to corporates, utilities and governments. HS goal is to enable clients to improve their operational capability while reducing their cost of energy and carbon footprint.


To give you an example, Sarah explained it to me in a way that I could understand.

• The company will study your industry’s energy consumption, needs and location to see a good possibility of placing renewable sources of energy such as solar panels or windmills around your building(s).

• Show you a calculation on how much you could save and even the possibility of earning in the future, especially if you, as a company have learned to use energy efficient utilities.

• Assists you in the maintenance of clean energy solutions to achieve a sustainable production of your company’s energy. This includes help in financing the project.

• Tailor made solutions since industries or corporations have different needs and HowardScott could offer several solutions.


Energy Management System

One of the many things that I learned from my interview about clean energy solutions with Sarah is the Energy Management Systems. 

The EMS is what makes the technologies all work together and communicate together in order to manage and optimize your sources of energy and lower significantly your costs. It is not only about installing renewable energy sources but making source that they all work together to reach the highest possible performances.

That's the description of HS global services: They understand the goals and challenges, defines the needs, advance data analytics, solution architecture, implementation and finally helps you in achieving Co2 reduction and cost savings.


HowardScott has produced a video about their greatest realization yet and a world premiere in terms of renewable energy penetration. The video was shot in Graciosa, an island in the middle of the Atlantic, which is powered by 70% renewable energy. It has a 4.5 MW windfarm, 5 turbines of 900 KW, 1 MW solarfarm 4000 solar panels, 3.2 MWH I and 6.0 MW battery storage system. This makes it possible to have a stable electric grid to save million of euros. (link provided below)

I am fascinated on how the video was shot, but more than that I admire how the founders of HowardScott came together to create great partnerships with the same great minds like GRINN (design house of electronics, who are designing devices for the customers). GRINN is not a part of the Graciosa project but is a technology that HowardScott use and empowered to reach the market.

Technology is a very wide subject. It is all around us and comes in many forms.

Technology (”science of craft”), from Greek word techne ”art, skill, cunning of hand”; and logia is the collection of techniques, skills, methods, and processes used in the production of goods or services or in the accomplishment of objectives, such as scientific investigation. Technology can be the knowledge of techniques, processes, and the like, or it can be embedded in machines to allow for operation without detailed knowledge of their workings. -from Wikipedia


Visit their website for more details:


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Hi. This blogsite is not an advertising firm.  I solely own it and it is my pleasure to write, share, learn and help in promoting the care for our environment in my special way. The people, incidents and things that I feature are meant to serve awareness to young people and to everybody around the globe. :)

My willingness to be better at writing and research has pushed me to have my own webpage.  I am making a research about different topics from time to time and hoping to reach those people with inspirational thoughts, love for music, art, culture and more.


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Sheree Ann Kratmann Indiongco


Founder, Blooming Etiquette

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Being a beginner in blogging technology is very challenging. When I started Blooming Etiquette in March 2017 - Culture, Technology & the Environment, I never thought that the care for our environment would caught my attention the most. In June 2017, I changed it to Blooming Etiquette - Culture, Technology and Green Environment.


I discovered that my inner passion for expanding my knowledge about the things that could help us in improving the way we live would highly interests me. Recently, I decided to make a project out of it. My surroundings and environment where I live has impacted my awareness.

Among all other creatures, humans are the most intelligent and the most vulnerable ones as well.


We are capable of doing a lot of things, creating great artworks, infrastructures and making new inventions. On the other hand, we are equally capable of destroying the things we build or make or even ignoring  (consciously or unconsciously) the things that we have or the things we get freely from the nature, like sun and water that results to having limited resources. Aside from the natural calamities, we are partly responsible for triggering it because of our carelessness; which affects the rest of the world negatively.


In the beginning, people were contented living in nature and without so much demand for the use energy, but we continuously evolve and change is constant. It has been both a positive and negative change. In most cases, innovation in our technology helps in making our lives better. Best example for this is the way we connect to our families and to different people, the internet and the multiple forms of communication that makes it easy and possible for everyone to connect. We can also agree that is a lot cheaper than the long-distance phone calls that costs us money per minute or even the traditional snail mail. These days, we do it by form of e-mails, facebook and through multiple social media platforms.


In this blog, we will get a better understanding about "Clean Energy" and the great initiatives and planning that makes it available for companies and industrial firms to acquire provided and custom-tailored solutions. From this,  primarily the customers, end users and the environment would benefit from it in the long run.


These days, the subject of green energy can be read about or shown around the globe even in small percentage. Aside from government efforts, many organizations and businesses has started promoting it in many forms like using bicycles instead of fuel dependent cars going to work or schools on short distances. 


A few examples for this is of DTU's Two Wheeler first aid that was featured on April 2017 By Anne Damgaard Møller and my previous feature about Folding bicycles in the Philippines named "Tiklop Group" who do almost the same thing, providing free services like check-ups on bicycles and some repairs. See my blog Green Transport. More to it, six months ago we shifted to an environment-friendly energy company where we pay less and still get the same quality. From this company, we got tips/advice about electric usage and how to reduce it. We learned that in this way, we help in sustaining green energy.


A question to ponder is... Do you know where our energy/electricity comes from? We pay our electric bills and oftentimes we wonder or definitely complain why it costs much even when we try to limit the use of it.


Factors to consider (energy efficiency)

  • The way we use energy at home/school/work plays a big role in our electrical bills. 
  • The appliances we have, whether it is your washing machine or refrigerator, needs to be replaced to a more energy efficient one if necessary. Always look at the kw/h consumption and compare.
  • The bulbs/lighting. LED lights uses very little amount of energy and still gives more light than the non-led ones.


What is Renewable / Sustainable Energy?

As defined by the Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate. See the link below.

Sustainable Energy

Sustainable energy is a general term of bio-energy, wind power, solar energy, geothermal energy and other technologies that differ from coal and other fossil fuels by being CO2 neutral. The use of sustainable energy sources contributes to the reduction of our emission of greenhouse gas and to making Denmark independent of fossil energy.

The government's ambition is to make Denmark free of fossil fuels by 2050. This means that by 2050 Denmark should be able to produce enough renewable energy to cover the total Danish energy consumption.


Bio-energy is energy stored in organic material or biomass. Biomass can be incinerated directly or be processed for various kinds of fuels e.g. wood pellets, fermentation gas or bioethanol. Some kinds of biomass are vegetable such as e.g. straw, wood and alga. Other kinds of biomass are animal such as livestock manure and animal fats.

Bio-energy represents more than 2/3 of Denmark's total consumption of sustainable energy and is a growth market, as several power plants change from fossil energy to wood pellets, wood chips or straw. The production of fermentation gas is growing fast and is expected to triple in the period 2012 to 2020.

Biomass can be stored, which is not yet possible with wind power and solar energy. Consequently, bio-energy will probably play an important role as to ensuring security of supply in a future energy system


Wind Power

In 2015 wind power represented 42 % of the total electricity supply in Denmark. Furthermore, the mounting of new windmills ashore is one of the cheapest ways of expanding electricity production. In this way, wind power is the most common type of renewable energy in Denmark and it is the most competitive kind of sustainable energy compared to other kinds of energy. Windmills can be established ashore and offshore.


 Solar energy

In Denmark, solar energy is used in two ways:

1) Solar cells for production of electricity. In 2015 Danish solar cell plants produced an amount of electricity corresponding to 1.8 % of the total Danish electricity consumption.


2) Solar collectors are used for heating of buildings and for production of district heating by means of sunbeams heating the water. Solar collectors are often combined with a heat pump.


Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is in the underground in the form of hot, salty water. The temperature in the underground layers rises proportionally with the depth, as heat flows from the inner of the earth towards the surface of the earth. The temperature at a depth of 1-3 kilometres is about 40–80 °C.

The heat in water can be used for energy to heat supply in the district heating system. In Denmark, we get geothermal energy from plants close to Thisted, on Amager close to Copenhagen and in Sønderborg. In Denmark, geothermal energy is used to a limited degree.


For more information, visit Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate


Read more about Sustainable Energy




Photo courtesy of HowardScott. "Graciosa" windmills.



Learn about my project. 




Hi. This blogsite is not an advertising firm.  I solely own it and it is my pleasure to write, share, learn and help in promoting the care for our environment in my special way. The people, incidents and things that I feature are meant to serve awareness to young people and to everybody around the globe. :)

My willingness to be better at writing and research has pushed me to have my own webpage.  I am making a research about different topics from time to time and hoping to reach those people, organizations and businesses with inspirational thoughts and willing to contribute/share their ideas and knowledge about my topics. 

-Sheree Ann Kratmann Indiongco