Time. It is one of the best gifts that we could give to somebody. The time to listen more than we could speak. 


The story behind the video.

I was invited to take videos for the event on the 23rd of May. I am using a samsung galaxy S6 mobile phone and with the help of a commercial tripod, I think I have managed to capture great moments that day. It was a special day for all to have a "hyggelig" time. Twelve different volunteer groups under Frivillig Center Fredensborg Kommune in Northsjælland Denmark presented their advocacies and activities. Vera Wetlesen, the center leader for Frivilligcenter Fredensborg for more than six years has briefly explained the vision and mission of the center.


One of the highlights was Mette Frederiksen's "turbo visit" and she was happy to have met and talked to the people behind every group who dedicates their time to come to the center and gather regularly to conduct their activities. Frivilligcenter Fredensborg arranges leadership courses from time to time to the members of the center.

There are about 40 volunteer groups in the center itself.


Mette Frederiksen is a member of the Member of the Parliament Social Democratic Party (Medlem af Folketinget Socialdemokratiet).


Thomas Lykke Pedersen, the mayor of the municipality was also present and he was the one who introduced the Frivillig Center in Fredensborg.




Læse mere om begivenheden her/ To read more about the event on 23. May 2017, click the link:



Læse mere om Frivilligcenter Fredensborg her:





Vi hygge sig i frivilligcenteret.

 Ruth and Hans were also present during that special day.

Ruth Cilwik Andersen is a priest for free church and a chairman for the Volunteer Center in Fredensborg municipality.

(trivia: they were ones who blessed us (Ruth) and (Hans) did the ceremonial rights on our wedding >me and Jacob

*Ruth er præst i Missionforbundet og desuden formand for frivilligcenteret i Fredensborg.

*Hans Nissen is the Chairman of the Social and Senior Committee in Fredensborg.



More about volunteer work.

We may have different reasons why we do volunteer work like socialization, networking, or merely a self-fulfillment. In my own perspective, being a volunteer is a social thing that gives one the opportunity to meet people with a willingness to share what they know, skills or be better at doing something together and promotes individual growth.

As a foreigner who came to Denmark, I found out that working together with social volunteer groups has made me feel home. I have met Vera Wetlesen, the center leader of Frivillig center Fredensborg in September 2015 and she became one of my mentors. Eventually, she welcomed me to her family and from then on our friendship grew fondly.

On April 2016, I was introduced to Annie Thygesen, the formand/leader of the volunteer group Dansk Folkehjælp "familie netværk" in Fredensborg. We arrange activities for families that are registered as part of a program for a year. I personally render volunteer services like cooking and hair cutting.

 “Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.”  1 Peter 4:10



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