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Everyday after a long a day at work or in school , we always look forward to coming home and sleep on our own beds, cook on our own kitchen and maybe do some gardening in the weekends, but what if one day, you realized that “home” can also be found elsewhere -- where your passion evolves, are you willing to take that chance?


Palle Bo sold everything (his house, car and furniture) and is now travelling the whole world since 2016 and gathering interesting stories to share with us.


You may visit his homepage to hear his podcasts. The Radio Vagabond

Great stories are spread all over the world and each of them is unique. Going out of your comfort zone (home) is similar to discovering more of what you can do. 

As somebody who could relate to those who travels or moved abroad, either for a short time or for good, I must say that it was never easy, but sometimes through our journey to the other side of the world, we get to experience the culture, meet different people and acquire values that matches our ideal "us".

I first met Palle in August 2014 during my visit to the Rotary Club of Randers in Randers, Jylland. I was representing the Rotary Club of Angeles Skytown that time as a tourist, made possible by invitation of my friend Evs to visit her new home here in Denmark.

This first quarter of the year, let us get some advice from Palle; his travel, social and work advice. 

For some of us, travelling is also a question of economic status. That is what I thought before. It is actually worth it using a little bit of our time to travel and see beyond what we hear or read. 

I will interview him through e-mail since he is wandering around the world. :D





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