"Vandreudstilling" - The Traveling Art Exhibit

I have decided to make a follow-up e-mail interview with my first subject under the section Art & People. This is to see the progress of the passionate people who continues to overcome the challenges, repeatedly receive awards and most of all, the accomplishments of their project(s).


If paintings could speak,  they could describe the emotions of the painter. The colors used in the painting could probably be the reflection of the artist's emotions at the time it was created. It could possibly make you feel calm, make you wonder, take you back in time or even take you to a place from where it was painted and how an artist got his inspiration.

What is the difference between a picture and a painting?

Even though I am not a painter nor a photographer, I can say that pictures are captured moments that we do not want to miss, while a painting tells you the emotions of a painter. A painter could get his inspiration from a picture and start bringing life to it through his imagination. All of the these things that we could see through our eyes have stories behind it.

This blog is partly a continuation of "Hydrodeepism by Bong Delfin" that I have written on March 2017 in Art & People.


What could be the message in every painting of Bong Delfin? It is for you to figure out and learn why his Dream Weaver project is getting some attention and support from his fellow artists including a few universities in the Philippines.


First Art Exhibition of Bong Delfin together with the Danish artists.

On the 16th & 17th June 2017, they have exhibited their artworks at Hotel San Marco, General Santos City, Philippines. Together with the KANDAPADA artists (through Mark Ty) and the group of Bong had proudly exhibited their artworks with a purpose of funding / sustaining :

1. the KANDAPADA artists' upcoming projects

2. Promote the Dream Weaver project of Bong Delfin

Bong: "We are still working on the next exhibitions and I am continually receiving  interests from my fellow artists and expecting works from Europe. At the same time we are also working on to bring the Philippine artists to Denmark."
According to Bong Delfin, they are in touch with the the Danish embassy and some of the big universities in the Philippines who shows interest to support -- The Dream Weaver Project. To enlighten you more about it, I have inserted a few lines of my first interview with Bong and as we could see, it was a successful one.

Bong: "Dream Weaver is an artists collective/artistic platform based in my hometown in Soccsksargen (pronounced [sokˈsardʒɛn]). Along with the artists group - KANDAPADA in General Santos we are organizing art events to help boost the local art scene and help the younger artists. It is a non-profit project run by the solicited efforts of local artists."


"Currently, we had the pleasure of inviting a few Danish and European artists, along with the local artists to have a travelling group exhibition all over the region. And in the second half of the year, I am bringing the works of these local artists to Denmark to be exhibited in the art festival, events and galleries. This is one way to help them build up their professional side by showcasing their artworks internationally."


For Bong, one of the few challenges is that he is based in Madrid, concerning that his main network is in Denmark. You could read more about his story in my first blog (see the story below).


Bong: "Originally, I have been working for my next solo exhibits to the Philippines and Denmark but more opportunities just came up, I was invited to exhibit in Madrid, Colombia and Las Vegas (I gave up London because I was not ready on time).  I am working hard para makaproduce ng maraming artworks."
"At the moment we are scrutinizing their works that will be sent to Denmark to ensure the quality of each artwork", added Bong.
Right now, Bong has managed to establish good contacts / networks on platforms and venues in Denmark, where he could showcase their artworks.
These are all in progress and with great determination, it would be in high hopes to be in action within the target timeline. Another challenge for Bong is regarding the shipping of the paintings / artworks from Philippines to Denmark.

Bong Delfin's advocacy continues.

Bong: "Gusto ko talagang makatulong at mabigyan din ng chance yung mga kababayan ko. Alam mo na dahil sa geographical location namin we were left out pagdating sa exposure at opportunities." 

It saddens him that the Art scene is focus more in the big cities like Manila and Cebu. In his hometown in Soccsksargen, there are no major universities that offers Fine Arts and galleries / museum to lift up the art scene. He also believes that this is their chance to have a good exposure through a different platfom.

Technically, there are many local artists in the Philippines who can render / introduce new art styles that can best represent his region and its culture. For Bong, their journey might be better than what he did or has accomplished when he started painting in Denmark a few years ago, Bong cited.

To read more about Bong Delfin and the group's first exhibition in the Philippines, click the link. Genory Vanz Alfasain (or popularly known as Yadu Karu) has written a blog about the exhibition in place. 




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