I had the privilege to interview Bong Delfin via e-mail who is now based in Madrid. A Filipino artist, born in Soccsksargen, south-central Mindanao, Philippines. A man with an advocacy to promote art, his fellow local artists in the Philippines and a strong will to promote prosperity in his hometown in particular.





"Hydrodeepism" (hydro-deep-ism) is a personal ideology, artistic method and a term conceived by the artist from the term "hydro dipping", a traditional technique of printmaking which is commonly called "marbling", "swirling", "water transfer", etc.


(you can read more below about its definition)

-From an exhibition statement



Sheree: How did you came up with this concept?


Bong: “I came up with this idea when I was very down and depressed (having suicidal thoughts). I sat down on a walking bridge beside the ocean one day contemplating about my life when I saw the water swirling and I totally loose my focus. It brought back flashes of memories.


I remember that one of my hobbies / interests when I was in the Philippines is the motor drag racing and customizing. With regards to its connection to Hydrodeepism; One of the techniques used in the customization is called Hydrographics or hydro dipping. Exactly the same process but the designs where manipulated by computer.


"I started to realize what if I will use this very common, cheap, almost factory made process and develop it into something high art."


Since then I did some researches and experimentations and slowly developed my own style. I made different studies on pigments and paints and how it reacts with water.


As an artist, we find artistic ways or practices that is always interesting for us and never boring. This technique/method of art making gave me even more confidence as an artist and the urge to go to my studio more often."


Sheree: How do you relate paintings/artworks to your (daily) life?


Bong: "Aside from painting I am also experimenting on other art medias. One of those is Conceptual Art and other forms of art where I can portray my political and social views.


Since I started painting 5 years ago, I always incorporate my works to my life´s experiences; struggles and accomplishments during my stay in Europe. In my paintings and other artworks you can see half of it were random things and half were elements related to my daily life.


I will cite you some work in progress random art/project that I am working on at the moment which are related to my daily life -- “Mein Fuckin Kampf “

(idea is from Hilter´s Mein Kampf)

"A work in progress autobiography and a painting about my struggles of securing a visa to stay in Europe to pursue my artistic dreams under a Philippine passport."



 exhibit A : “Mein Fuckin Kampf “


 exhibit B : In Art We Trash



Sheree: What advise could you give to your fellow artists?


Bong: "The art world is mean and nasty, so just do what you do, live with it. If you have a passion onto something, just work hard for it."


"There will always be some people who will tell you that you cannot do it or you are not good enough. When working towards that dream seems disappointing, loose yourself into your art and escape from the real world."


Remember, I haven´t realized a new artistic method and style (hydrodeepism) which gave me the urge to work harder on art if I haven´t been depressed and gone to the beach."


Sheree: Do you have ideas or projects where you have experimented or have used recyclable materials for painting? If not, what ideas could you think of that will contribute to the Environment?


Bong: "Yes, “In Art we Trash” (see exhibit B)


- a counterculture propaganda (cliche)

-a commentary on the complicated business of the art world

-ideas and artworks from out of (daily) trash


The idea/concept is still under development and had different implications. Whilst, it is mainly a commentary on how trashy the art world business is, partly it is about making art out of trash too.


"I love to work on art from found objects; whenever I find interesting pieces of trash, I used to take it with me to the studio."


I love collecting and removing old and withered posters when I was in Berlin and now in Madrid. It is for making collages and whatever I can come up in the near future.


"Kung nasa Pinas ako I will do the same. Lalo na kung may malaking studio space."



Sheree: More Ideas to share?


I think it would be great if the Philippine government could fund more local artists there to collect trash and make art out of it, do bigger installations/exhibitions and public arts. This project will not need a lot of money and it can be a big help to local artists while developing their craft. It will be a boost to the promotion of culture and arts, learning opportunities to the community.


Sheree: Could you tell us more about the Dream Weaver Project.


Bong: "Dream Weaver is an artists collective/artistic platform based in my hometown in Soccsksargen (pronounced [sokˈsardʒɛn]). Along with the artists group - KANDAPADA in General Santos we are organizing art events to help boost the local art scene and help the younger artists. It is a non-profit project run by the solicited efforts of local artists.


"Currently, we had the pleasure of inviting a few Danish and European artists, along with the local artists to have a travelling group exhibition all over the region. And in the second half of the year, I am bringing the works of these local artists to Denmark to be exhibited in the art festival, events and galleries. This is one way to help them build up their professional side by showcasing their artworks internationally."


You can see more of Bong Delfin's paintings in my Photo Collection:





(more on Hydrodeepism -From an exhibition statement)

This method was used for a thousand of years, it is called "Suminagashi" in Japan and "Ebru" in Turkey. Regardless of the terminology used, the basic idea is by dropping the special paint or pigment on the surface of the water and transferring the aqueous surface design or carefully manipulated patterns to the paper or any material by the process of dipping.

Whilst it is commonly used for its unique monotype print, aesthetic and decorative appeal, the artist's interest is only focused

on the ¨spontaniety and randomness¨ of the output. His main objective is to subvert the old, accessible and almost mass produced practice into something high art and contemporary.

The subversion of the technique gives the artist a unique distinction between a painting and a printing.

The artist´s body of works were done by the contrasting integration of the different techniques like hydro dipping, stenciling, collaging, taping and brush works. It is the artist's idea of portrayal of the daily constraining battles on how a 21st century artists make and develop artistic ways or ideals that can best represent his generation.



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