Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

These are personal photos. You are welcome to have/copy them provided that you write under your caption -- photo credits/photo taken by...(f.x. Sheree or from a person who took it). 

Some of them are from the people that I featured and will be featuring soon.  

Sometimes, the beauty within us may not be visible to everybody, flaws are easier to see instead. Eyes are sinful in some ways. Try to appreciate what we see before we judge them. -Sheree Ann



Hi. This homepage is not an advertising firm. I solely own it and it is my pleasure to write, share, learn and help in promoting the care for our environment in my special way. The people, incidents and things that I feature are meant to serve awareness to young people and to everybody around the globe. :)

My willingness to be better at writing and research has pushed me to have my own webpage. I am trying very hard to find subjects that are relevant to the main topics under Blooming Etiquette- culture, technology and environment.


I do not take any compensation in writing the articles/ producing videos for Blooming Etiquette.




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