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Are you ready to challenge your language and social skills in a diverse society? Does studying or living abroad interests you? Learn a new culture, meet new people from different backgrounds and discover your potentials professionally.


Having been in the cultural exchange program myself has helped me discover more of my potentials by engaging through different activities like actively volunteering together with the Dansk Folkehjælp (Danish People's Aid), learning the danish language, engaging with the locals and building good friendships. These are the things that we can take back with us to our homeland - to our family and to the society so others could see what is beyond their understanding or knowledge about living in a multi-cultural and technologically advance country.  -Sheree


I am aiming to share awareness to young people in particular. This topic includes an initial research through an interview where I will be engaging personally with one of the exchange students from the University of Southern California. She came to study for a semester in Copenhagen Business School in Denmark.


I met Faith through my friend Arkaye who happened to know her from Hillsong in Copenhagen where they used to attend church services on Sundays. Since I had been in one of the cultural exchange programs as well for fifteen months in Denmark before, I have thought of writing it. To start with these cultural exchange program topics, I will be covering the subject Exchange student.



Meet Faith Victoria Wang from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA.

"I am currently an exchange student at Copenhagen Business School in Copenhagen, Denmark. I study business and accounting at my home university, but here in Copenhagen, I just take business electives that I thought sounded fun, like innovation management and visual communication." - Faith

To read about my personal interview with Faith. Click EXCHANGE STUDENT




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In connection to my first topic under this subject, I will proceed to a wider topic of other cultural exchange programs known as Au Pair (is a french word that translates to "on equal terms"/becoming a member of a family in your host country).


Let us learn about Joy Escaño, currently an au pair in Sweden. Joy had been in Denmark for 2 years where she became a part of a Danish family. I have known Joy from a Christian church located in Nørrebro, Copenhagen named FCCC (Filipino Christian Church Communites) where I have been baptized last year.


From then on, our friendship started and grew fondly. I believe that the story of Joy having been an au pair in Denmark is an example of the term au pair and therefore, an ideal experience to both the host family and the au pair.

To enlighten us more about being an au pair in Denmark, I will try to connect with FOA.


For the last part of the Cultural Exchange Topics, I will be interviewing Agnes Ruphavathani Durai, one of my closest friends in Denmark. She came to Denmark as an Intern in an IT company called Milestone Systems A/S. Later on, she got a job in the same company and from then on, life in Denmark truly began. :)