Live one day at a time.

Sometimes we tend to think and ask ourselves about what if we could turn back the time or what does the future holds. One thing for sure is that what has been done, was done and becomes a history. On the other hand, the future has a lot to do with our lives. Many could agree that we cannot predict the future, it is full of surprises and uncertainty.

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough problems of its own. -Matthew 6:34

I have pondered that living in the present moment, in whatever situation one may be, it has its purpose and gives us the opportunity to design the life we want; work for it and make it happen. In some circumstances, we find it hard to cope up with the changes and the unexpected. But that is where the small windows of opportunities are, in those times where we made somebody felt good by a simple smile, a few hours of talk and coffee, a warm hug or by just a few minutes of listening to a friend's story. Be in that moment, do not rush, not because you might loose or miss something, it is what you can give more than what you can get that matters.

Make everyday a productive one, a cheerful one and you will see how your days progress towards what you really want. When I was young (before my teenage years), I used to draw a lot and after some time those childhood drawings just disappeared. I didn't know how to keep them, but I gained something from drawing/sketching. My creativity was developed and turned to writing and landing into a job that I had been really fond of. I had been into sales and later on started writing storyboards for my clients and with the help of the team, my superiors and most especially my mentors. I have managed to deliver good service to my clients and that is a kind of art. That was more than two years ago though.

Everyday we try to find reasons to wake up early in the morning, if it is worth using our energy, talents, skills and most especially time. Time is the best gift we can give to somebody; family, a friend, to our loved ones and even to our pet(s) - kæledyr.

Me and my husband decided to have a kæledyr in our sweet home and named him Loki. You will meet him soon.

There are times that I miss being in those moments where I was being praised for a job well done. But do not get me wrong, those times has passed and I believe it looks good on my resume. At some point, it is our determination and perseverance to help us get back on track again and will have that job title again. Some have different definitions of a title. Some prefers to be called as a queen or king (to our partner), a princess, best mother, super dad, best brother, best sister, ms. congeniality, and more. :)

In most opening conversations, people asks "what do you do"?. Talking about what do they work with. Why not try to ask what interests them, their beliefs or their hobbies instead, by then you will get to know more of a person. It is always rewarding to work on something you like, love or have a chance to grow and improve. We improve in many ways and it starts with discipline.

It pleases our hearts whenever we look back to how or where we started shaping ourselves into a person we want to be, we had some failures and dark moments, but that what makes a person -- accepting our failures and doing it right the next time or have done it right this time.

A friend told me once, "it doesn't mean that it is right, would not necessary mean that it is the right thing to do, sometimes you have to do what will make something better to make it right." We have different views of what is right,

As we get older, our needs and priorities changes and eventually gives us a new definition of a new beginning.


*Kæledyr -  a danish word for a pet.



Sheree Ann