Two is better than One.

Our lives is an unending routine of working, keeping fit, family, making friends and everything that a single, married, widowed, in a civil union or whatever we may call it does everyday. But what could be the difference in living in different phases and status in our lives? There may be a thousand different opinions and it all points out to "living life to the fullest".


I have heard of this famous motto/quote for many times and as I was growing up, seeing the reality and experiencing different things made me come up to the conclusion that it holds a deep sense of freedom of choice.


Wherever we may be, whether in a first, second or third world country it doesn't matter; it is how we live according to the choices we make and the values we have and then it all sums up to being or becoming satisfied. Some may be satisfied by having a luxurious life, some by having a simple and peaceful life, some by being popular in any reason, some by just having the profession that they love, some by being a volunteer, some by having their family or friends and many others. That is how we define ourselves and how we want people  to perceive us. I have always wanted people to perceive me as a classy, beautiful, smart, hardworking, selfless (helpful) and a humble person. On the other side, we have a number of flaws that makes it hard for us to be perceived the way we want to. The best part of it is that we could always improved ourselves. 


I am sharing these things to inspire and motivate others as much as I can. My family and friends have motivated me to write, to do the things I like and to be independent. Later on, I have learned the art of doing things better and started seeing the beauty of life in its darkest phase.


Being a chartered member of the Rotary Club of Angeles Skytown, I have committed into sharing talents, skills and especially giving Time. In engaging in the club's different activities and programs with the members when I was in my homeland, I felt motivated to do the same in Denmark to those who are in need. Not just the economic term for Need. It is helping them realize that life is better than what they thought it is/was. Helping them see the kindness and generosity of the people around them.


There is a quote from the Snow Queen opera play that marked on my mind.

"People from many parts of the world look different and sometimes even scary. But what is inside that matters. After all, we all came from the same human race and there is nothing to be feared of."


As I am living 560 miles away from my homeland Philippines, where I was planted and made an official oath to do my duties to the Rotary Club of Angeles Skytown, it may seemed impossible for me to accomplish it. Leaving my homeland is equaled to letting go of many things and that includes uprooting oneself and planting it again.


Therefore, "living life to the fullest" is being fulfilled or fulfilling the desires of your heart and on your own standards and making it high in terms of values.


Ephesians 3:19 Live full lives, full in the fullness of God.
To enlighten you more about the title:
Two is better than One -- it is easier to accomplish something beautiful when you hold a friend with both hands. It is also from Nigerian proverbs.
To know more about the club, click the link below to see its mission and vision, learn about what they do to inspire and doing actions to help our fellowmen in the Philippines.
I am happy to share to you what has been accomplished and upcoming projects of the club.
As a dedicated member, I am continuing my passion to extend a hand in our municipality in Fredensborg, Denmark in my little ways.
We know that one doesn't need to be a member of any kind to do your share for the society. It only takes some motivation to make it happen and eventually find a new meaning in doing it. I was once called ambitious for doing these things and I waited for the right time to write it, to say it, not just to promote the club or oneself, but to inspire people.

Being in the volunteer section in Denmark, I have seen a high number of danish individuals and groups who manages to have a break in their personal busy lives and be in the volunteer center at some point in their lives.
Social competence is one of the qualities that one gets by being a volunteer. Sharing one's talent and building good friendships/good network as well.
One more thing, being expose to the danish culture, once they retire in most cases, they do voluntary social work. They are quite healthy and still able to do a lot of things. It is also because of their lifestyle; their culture and living standards. I am stunned! :)
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With Love,
Sheree Ann Kratmann Indiongco