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Why do you think it is interesting for other people to introduce something that is not ordinary? Have you met somebody who is so passionate in what they do (hobby) aside from the job that they have? Do you know anybody (personally) who can speak more than five languages fluently? How many people you know who can build his own house alone? What is the most challenging thing that you have encountered and tried before?

It is the same with introducing a new meal. An exotic one. The unusual and a healthier alternative.

Aside from dairy products, Denmark is known for exporting a high percentage of pork (for consumption) to other countries. A trademark of high quality and good animal welfare. My mom, being a good homecook has discovered the difference between the taste and quality of meat from the ones that she normally had for many years.

Our economy affects the way we produce and consume food. Therefore, an alternative for meat is now being recognized by a few individuals, groups and organizations.

This week, I will be interviewing Nina regarding the "new trend in Europe" which she calls it. It is an exciting one to one talk that I am looking forward to. Food in all its aspects is wonderful. The pleasure of eating together with the nutrients we get from it, makes us become more creative in cooking.

So far, I have not yet tried eating a regular portion of insects (meal wise) even though I was raised in a tropical country Philippines. Once when I was a kid, I tried "Adobong Camaro" which translates to Mole Crickets. Sounds delicious??? I ate a piece of it back then. It tastes like chicken I must say.

I might include this in our weekly meal plan. :D 

Sample meal plan for Week 7:

Monday: "Flæskesteg"

Tuesday: "Adobong camaro" or "Dhal med Melorme"

Wednesday: Chicken curry

Thursday: Pancakes

Friday: Chopseuy and spring rolls

Saturday: Spaghetti

Sunday: "Fløde kartoffler"


Nina Askov a.k.a The BugLady is one of the few food enthusiasts' that I have met in Denmark. Her purpose is to inform and educate us about the health and environmental benefits of serving insects on our tables. Nina have worked as a cook for more than 10 years and as a practician in psychotherapy for four years. In 2014, she started blogging about insects in her homepage Buglady.dk, where she also wrote about entomophagy and developed recipes with insects.

The demand for livestock is getting higher especially in Asia and Africa according to the United Nations statistics and research, therefore, the demand for resources like food (wether it is seafood or meat) is placed on a heavy pressure which affects not only the mentioned countries, but the whole world in general.

The consumption of insects is still on the process of continuous research and development. Today, the government encourages us to open the possibilities of serving insects on our tables once in a while and eventually, may it be a part of our meal plan.

Insects are rich and proteins and have many other nutritional benefits that are about to be discovered. They are safe to consume because of their genetic dissimilarity from humans. But take note, it is advisable to know where the insects are coming from. The same with the food we eat on a daily basis, assuring ourselvs that the food we serve on our tables is handled well; harvested in an ethical manner, produced in a clean facility/environment or manufactured properly to preserve its nutrients.

Taking the next step to the future could be a little scary sometimes, but truth is, the practices we had before / have today slowly innovates to provide our basic needs in balance.

During my interview with Nina, I learned that her purpose of introducing insects to be a healthier and cheaper alternative is something that many would gladly accept by many as long as they are aware as to why it should be considered a delicious & nutritious meal as well.

She served "Dhal med Melorme" one of her favorite dish with the use of mealworms "melorme" in danish. It is very delicious and you must try it. See the video I made. You can also visit Ninas website to get some recipes with insects. 

I have met Nina in the volunteer center. She is a volunteer for "madkassen" / foodbank at "Frivilligcenter" Fredensborg.


Helpful links:

Nina Askov a.k.a The BugLady 

in Danish buglady.dk

United Nations Policy and information about Insects as livestock feed





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