You could give it a Try too.

Share good practice and good habits. In that way, we could serve others better. In the earlier time of my life, I was not so fond of consuming greens -- vegetables. I only had what is available, what I could afford and as long as it tastes good then it is fine.

As we get older, our habits change as well. Our bodies demand more attention; which some of us neglects and results to different diseases. Not only our bodies are affected, but also our personal view of life; the way we perceive other people, how we react to stressful situations and how we see ourselves in general.

1 Corinthians 10:31 ESV

So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

When I came to this land which is known to be the land of the Vikings and where the Happiest people on earth are, it awakened my curiosity and felt encouraged to know more about it. I have to give credits to a very good friend of mine who introduced this land to me and later on find pleasure in exploring it. :)

There are plenty of organic (økologisk) products available in the local supermarket. One should know that in Denmark, purchasing organic food or products is not luxurious -- everybody could afford it because it is not as expensive as what you thought it is. The demand is high and so is the supply. Based from a research here in Denmark, turning into organic farming contributes largely to a better environment and that means to a better generation, inside or outside of the country.

We could understand that it may not widely available to some markets in other countries, but slowly they are being introduced.

There are a few organic products that I used to purchased  -- meat (cooking time is shorter, which means preserving the nutrients in it by not overcooking or boiling too long when it comes to tenderness), flour, rice and other wheat products.  It tastes a lot better as well. Oftentimes, I look for the cheapest and budget wise like the locally produced fruits, vegetables and dairy products. Not necessarily always organic but it is the awareness that it has been approved safe to consume and fresh.

Me and my husband got really fond of juicing fresh vegetables and fruits and of course we have the time for it. We received a juicer from our good friend when my husband had the house warming last year. From then on, juicing has been a part of our routine.

These are the following benefits that we experienced personally in the last 6 months of consistent juicing.

> Improved skin condition (especially that I am Asian and grew up in a tropical country, dryness of skin was diminished).

> Better bowel movement (detoxification).

> Clarity of mind /Positive view of life (well, I must say that it has a psychological effect, but I believe it does).

> We get to consume the maximum amount of greens on a regular basis.

> Stronger immune system (colds/flu problems from intense weather change/condition ceased, including that of viruses that one gets from the air)


The following vegetables and fruits are very easy to find in the local supermarket and has high anti-oxidant contents:


Celery, Beet root, Spinach, Banana, Apples, Lemon, Calamansi, Pineapple, Ginger

You may try blending them all together or at least 3 types each time. Get the most available or in season. In time, you will surely notice how it improves your body system. In many research, they are talking about curing diseases and improving one's health by consistent juicing.

Invest on a good juicer and create your own juice recipe. :)

The following links gives you a clearer information about organic food and its overall contribution to the society and environment. Remember to copy and paste the link to function.




Wherever we may be, I believe that we can do the same practice. Slowly. 


Question to ponder.

How can we serve others better? 


This blogsite is not an advertising firm. I solely own it and it is my pleasure to write, share, learn and help in promoting the care for our environment in my special way. The people, incidents and things that I feature are meant to serve awareness to young people and to everybody around the globe. :)

My willingness to be better at writing and research has pushed me to have my own webpage.  I am making a research about different topics from time to time and hoping to reach those people with inspirational thoughts, love for music, art, culture and more.


-Sheree Ann Kratmann Indiongco