Marinara inspired noodles with Mackerel & Vegetable balls

There are 195-196 countries in the globe (according to the World Statistics) and that means to a hundred or more unique spices. How many of these have you been using since the day you started cooking with pleasure? Well, either you are a professional cook at your own home, at a restaurant, at a catering service company or a curious beginner, you will surely want to try something different each time you cook and at some point would be interested in making your very own recipe/menu.

Since I married a nordic man who is fond of rugbrød matched with pålæg, potatoes, frikadella, danish hotdogs (yes they have that) pasta and pizza, I came up with an idea of making a saucy noodle dish and I used the ingredients that I can get from our local supermarket nearby. You have to know that when you started living in another country, it is practical to learn how to use the available local ingredients that are already present. Of course, Asian stores are accessible, it is your preference.

It is entirely different with the delicious Thailand's pad thai or Japan's Miso Ramen with all the spicy kick in them, but guaranteed to be delicious. It took some time in perfecting my own recipe that I named "Marinara inspired noodles with mackerel and vegetable balls".

This is something that you could surprise your loved ones from a hectic and energy draining day.

As a new blogger, I will be starting in sharing my passion for cooking and you might want to try these recipes.


Serving is good for 4-5 persons/portions


Ingredients for Marinara inspired noodles

450g mixed (frozen or fresh) seafood - mussels, oysters, shrimp and scallops.

350-500g rice noodles

2 red or green large bell pepper (chopped into long medium thick strips)

3 tablespoons Teriyaki sauce with sesame oil (substitute for teriyaki sauce: 4 tbsp asian or light soysauce + 2 tbsp butter + 3 tsp. white sugar + 2 tsp sesame oil )

1 tsp white sugar

half cup

2 tsp cornstarch

3 tbsp tomato ketchup

1 tsp chili powder ( or less)

1 big white onion (chopped in chunks)

3-4 tbsp Olive or vegetable oil

1 tbsp Paprika powder

100g of chopped fresh ginger (chopped)

Add a little ground black pepper and himalayan or rock salt to taste



Make sure everything is clean and wash hands properly. ;)

Prepare the seafood mix. Drain excess water.

Use the olive oil for this. Saute the ginger and remove them (the ginger, you only need the flavor) from the pan when the flavor comes out. Comes the onions, saute until golden brown. Put the mixed (cooked) seafood and cooked in medium heat for 2 minutes. Longer for fresh seafood. Pour half a cup of water, ketchup, teriyaki sauce, sugar and paprika powder. Set the fire or heat to low setting and add the bell peppers and lastly use the cornstarch to thicken the sauce. More or less if desired. Chili powder is optional and must be used with precaution. I use Indian chili powder so it is very strong! Add ground black pepper or rock salt to taste. Do not forget oregano for good aroma. Remove from heat quickly once you see the desired thickness of the sauce. This prevents the overcooking of seafood meat and vegetables.


Ingredients for Mackerel & Vegetable balls

1/2 smoked big mackerel

4 tbsp organic white flour

1 egg

250g fresh spinach leaves (grounded or use a food mixer to grind it finely, but not watery) chopping it finely as you can is also fine :)

1 big white onion (finely chopped)

2 cloves of garlic (optional or use only a  small amount or use garlic powder)

1/2 tsp finely ground black pepper

1/2 tsp iodized salt

2 tsp lemon or 4 pcs calamansi or half lime

1 tbsp olive oil (add to the mixture)

1/2 tsp oregano (finely ground dried oregano leaves for aroma)



Mix all the ingredients together in a big bowl. Texture will be sticky. Roll or shape them into big bite size balls. It is similar to making meatballs. Fry them into medium heat until golden brown. Use vegetable oil, enough to fry it. No need to *deep fry them in oil; fish is easy to cook. Make sure to turn them every 1 or 2 minutes to make the cooking even.



Boil 1-2 liters of water. Turn off the heat when water reached a high boiling point. Soak the rice noodles, enough to have it completely soaked for 3 minutes or less. Take the noodles from the hot water and put it directly on the plate of every person or drained it completely using stainless drainer. *Do this when everything else is ready so you will have the perfect noodle texture.

tbsp - tablespoon

tsp - teaspoon

Enjoy your dish. ;)


The following spices are great in adding flavors to our dishes and has great health benefits.

1. Ginger

* rich in antioxidants

* anti-inflammatory

* anti-bacterial properties (fungus, etc.)

* good for people who wants to loose weight

How I discovered the beneficial use of Ginger?

I have discovered that people from India consistently includes ginger and garlic paste into most of their dishes. I have a friend name Agnes who is an Indian and thought me how to make it ready anytime for cooking. Storing it in the fridge will keep it fresh. Simply grind the peeled ginger and equal amount of fresh garlic cloves or you can grind them or chopped finely. I suggest that you invest on a good grinder or better yet, a food mixer if you don't have one. In addition to this, I am maintaining my weight and still have the pleasure of eating in big portions. :D

You may try to see this link for more information on the health benefits of ginger.



2. Oregano leaves

* rich in antioxidants

* rich in omega 3 , the same as what you get from eating fish

How I discovered the beneficial use of Oregano?

In my regular visit to the supermarket, food venues and spice' sections, I discovered Oregano leaves (finely ground) which has a very aromatic scent which is as fragrant as the basil or thyme; all in the family of mint. When one is not so fond of the taste of fats or the smell of meat, it is advisable to use these types of herbs. Use a little bit each time you mix it with your dish. Best in marinating as well.

You may try to see this link for more information on the health benefits of Oregano.



3. Paprika

* regulates blood sugar levels

* rich in vitamin A

How I discovered the beneficial use of Paprika?

The first time I have used paprika, I thought that it will be a nice colorant to the white meat and then later on discovered the health benefits of it.

You may try to see this link for more information on the health benefits of Paprika.



All the spices mentioned above are generally have high potents of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that boosts immune system and improved digestive function.

My mom visited us here in Denmark in the previous winter time and saw how I make food and she was surprised of the spices that I am using each time I cook. :D



Sheree Ann


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You might want to comment below and share a type of spice(s) you are using currently that many of us could try on our dishes and learn about its wondrous health benefits.

P.S. I'll discuss more about Rugbrød and Pålæg on the next blog.