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Good for the environment, climate and health. Nobody will get hungry if we start including it into our daily or weekly meal plan. Easy to cultivate and at the same time, we can support animal welfare. Read my article: Ready to try something new? (under Spice up your Life) section of my homepage.


Why do you think it is interesting for other people to introduce something that is not ordinary? Have you met somebody who is so passionate in what they do (hobby) aside from the job that they have? Do you know anybody (personally) who can speak more than five languages fluently? How many people you know who can build his own house alone? What is the most challenging thing that you have encountered and tried before?

It is the same with introducing a new meal. An exotic one. The unusual and a healthier alternative.

Aside from dairy products, Denmark is known for exporting a high percentage of pork (for consumption) to other countries. A trademark of high quality and good animal welfare. My mom, being a good homecook has discovered the difference between the taste and quality of meat from the ones that she normally had for many years.

Our economy affects the way we produce and consume food. Therefore, an alternative for meat is now being recognized by a few individuals, groups and organizations.

This week, I will be interviewing Nina regarding the "new trend in Europe" which she calls it. It is an exciting one to one talk that I am looking forward to. Food in all its aspects is wonderful. The pleasure of eating together with the nutrients we get from it, makes us become more creative in cooking.

So far, I have not yet tried eating a regular portion of insects (meal wise) even though I was raised in a tropical country Philippines. Once when I was a kid, I tried "Adobong Camaro" which translates to Mole Crickets. Sounds delicious??? I ate a piece of it back then. It tastes like chicken I must say.

I might include this in our weekly meal plan. :D 

Sample meal plan for Week 7:

Monday: "Flæskesteg"

Tuesday: "Adobong camaro" or "Dhal med Melorme"

Wednesday: Chicken curry

Thursday: Pancakes

Friday: Chopseuy and spring rolls

Saturday: Spaghetti

Sunday: "Fløde kartoffler"


Nina Askov a.k.a The BugLady is one of the few food enthusiasts' that I have met in Denmark. Her purpose is to inform and educate us about the health and environmental benefits of serving insects on our tables. Nina have worked as a cook for more than 10 years and as a practician in psychotherapy for four years. In 2014, she started blogging about insects in her homepage, where she also wrote about entomophagy and developed recipes with insects.

The demand for livestock is getting higher especially in Asia and Africa according to the United Nations statistics and research, therefore, the demand for resources like food (wether it is seafood or meat) is placed on a heavy pressure which affects not only the mentioned countries, but the whole world in general.

The consumption of insects is still on the process of continuous research and development. Today, the government encourages us to open the possibilities of serving insects on our tables once in a while and eventually, may it be a part of our meal plan.

Insects are rich and proteins and have many other nutritional benefits that are about to be discovered. They are safe to consume because of their genetic dissimilarity from humans. But take note, it is advisable to know where the insects are coming from. The same with the food we eat on a daily basis, assuring ourselvs that the food we serve on our tables is handled well; harvested in an ethical manner, produced in a clean facility/environment or manufactured properly to preserve its nutrients.

Taking the next step to the future could be a little scary sometimes, but truth is, the practices we had before / have today slowly innovates to provide our basic needs in balance.

During my interview with Nina, I learned that her purpose of introducing insects to be a healthier and cheaper alternative is something that many would gladly accept by many as long as they are aware as to why it should be considered a delicious & nutritious meal as well.

She served "Dhal med Melorme" one of her favorite dish with the use of mealworms "melorme" in danish. It is very delicious and you must try it. See the video I made. You can also visit Ninas website to get some recipes with insects. 

I have met Nina in the volunteer center. She is a volunteer for "madkassen" / foodbank at "Frivilligcenter" Fredensborg.


Helpful links:

Nina Askov a.k.a The BugLady 

in Danish

United Nations Policy and information about Insects as livestock feed  




Hi. This homepage is not an advertising firm. I solely own it and it is my pleasure to write, share, learn and help in promoting the care for our environment in my special way. The people, incidents and things that I feature are meant to serve awareness to young people and to everybody around the globe. :)

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On December 16, 2017, me and Jacob were invited for a simple, delicious and "hyggeligt" dinner by Ruth and Torben. I have filmed Torben's Pesto-making, which he gladly agreed to do despite the upcoming Christmas rush.

We have known Torben through Ruth.
"Ruth er præst i Missionforbundet og desuden formand for frivilligcenteret i Fredensborg."



Hi there. Last week, I have successfully created a new dish that must be shared on your tables as well. My husband loves it and rated it 5 stars :D. I get my inspiration in cooking by reading original recipes following procedures in making food and I innovate it a little by using available, better or new ingredients that I find interesting, especially the use of spices that has natural healing properties.


How we handle food from raw food products up serving it on our tables is one thing that a home cook should always keep in mind.


To give more inspiration, I admire the Brother Price cooking series at DR TV food series. I have never been into their restaurant yet, but just by watching them how they prepare food on television and the creative cooking they do, makes me feel very hungry. I like their style in preparing food; traditional. Follow the link below the article to see brother Price's homepage/DR mad.


Tropical Pork Dish with "five-spice powder" blend

Preparation time: 20 minutes

Cooking time: 25 minutes or less

Serves: 4-6 portions



500g Pork Neck fillet

2-3 pcs. Ecological Sweet Oranges (use a little of orange peels, peels gets bitter when used in large amounts)

2 tbsp. mango vinegar (optional)

1 tsp. "five-spice powder" blend

5 pcs. dried Star anis

2 tbsp. oyster sauce or 3 tsbp. "light" soy sauce (less if it is dark)

4 cloves of fresh diced garlic

1 tsbp. tomato ketchup

1 tsp. sugar

1 tbsp. sesame seeds

1 pc. Bell Pepper of any color (your vitamin c rich vegetable)

3 tbsp. sesame oil for sauteing garlic, star anis and ecological/organic orange peels

2 tbsp. olive oil for sauteing 

2 tsp. cornstarch (to thickened the sauce)

less than half tsp. chili powder or 1 chili (optional)



1. Boil half liter of water into a stainless pot for 10 minutes in high heat. Set aside and save the broth.

2. Heat (medium heat) the sesame oil in the non-stick pan and sauté the minced garlic until golden brown. Remove the garlic from heat. Sauté star anis for 30 seconds then blend and sauté the orange peels together with it for 1 and a half minute. Remember not to leave the pan while doing this to avoid the burnt taste. Keep blending them using a wooden spoon. Take them out of the pan and set aside.

3. At this time, you could smell the strong aroma of star anis and garlic. ;)

Put the olive oil and start sauteing the boiled pork (do not include the broth yet) until golden brown together with sesame seeds. It will take 2-3 minutes.

4. Low heat. Put the oyster sauce, fresh squeezed sweet orange juice, mango vinegar and the "five-spice" blending and pork broth (this is why you need to save the broth).

5. Lastly, put the thinly sliced bell pepper, a teaspoon of sugar, ketchup and *chili. Blend less than a half glass of water with cornstarch (mix it well) and pour it to the dish while on a low heat. Keep stirring until the sauce is thickened and avoid making it dry. Blend the orange peels, star anis and garlic. Remove from heat and serve top on ecological rice. 



Asian cooking made healthier and easier.

Learn how you can order from my Homemade Cooking

 Read more about why we should try ecological/organic products even in small amounts to start with.


The brothers Price on DR TV



Hi. This blogsite is not an advertising firm.  I solely own it and it is my pleasure to write, share, learn and help in promoting the care for our environment in my special way. The people, incidents and things that I feature are meant to serve awareness to young people and to everybody around the globe. :)

My willingness to be better at writing and research has pushed me to have my own webpage.  I am making a research about different topics from time to time.

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Share good practice and good habits. In that way, we could serve others better. In the earlier time of my life, I was not so fond of consuming greens -- vegetables. I only had what is available, what I could afford and as long as it tastes good then it is fine.

As we get older, our habits change as well. Our bodies demand more attention; which some of us neglects and results to different diseases. Not only our bodies are affected, but also our personal view of life; the way we perceive other people, how we react to stressful situations and how we see ourselves in general.

1 Corinthians 10:31 ESV

So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

When I came to this land which is known to be the land of the Vikings and where the Happiest people on earth are, it awakened my curiosity and felt encouraged to know more about it. I have to give credits to a very good friend of mine who introduced this land to me and later on find pleasure in exploring it. :)

There are plenty of organic (økologisk) products available in the local supermarket. One should know that in Denmark, purchasing organic food or products is not luxurious -- everybody could afford it because it is not as expensive as what you thought it is. The demand is high and so is the supply. Based from a research here in Denmark, turning into organic farming contributes largely to a better environment and that means to a better generation, inside or outside of the country.

We could understand that it may not widely available to some markets in other countries, but slowly they are being introduced.

There are a few organic products that I used to purchased  -- meat (cooking time is shorter, which means preserving the nutrients in it by not overcooking or boiling too long when it comes to tenderness), flour, rice and other wheat products.  It tastes a lot better as well. Oftentimes, I look for the cheapest and budget wise like the locally produced fruits, vegetables and dairy products. Not necessarily always organic but it is the awareness that it has been approved safe to consume and fresh.

Me and my husband got really fond of juicing fresh vegetables and fruits and of course we have the time for it. We received a juicer from our good friend when my husband had the house warming last year. From then on, juicing has been a part of our routine.

These are the following benefits that we experienced personally in the last 6 months of consistent juicing.

> Improved skin condition (especially that I am Asian and grew up in a tropical country, dryness of skin was diminished).

> Better bowel movement (detoxification).

> Clarity of mind /Positive view of life (well, I must say that it has a psychological effect, but I believe it does).

> We get to consume the maximum amount of greens on a regular basis.

> Stronger immune system (colds/flu problems from intense weather change/condition ceased, including that of viruses that one gets from the air)


The following vegetables and fruits are very easy to find in the local supermarket and has high anti-oxidant contents:


Celery, Beet root, Spinach, Banana, Apples, Lemon, Calamansi, Pineapple, Ginger

You may try blending them all together or at least 3 types each time. Get the most available or in season. In time, you will surely notice how it improves your body system. In many research, they are talking about curing diseases and improving one's health by consistent juicing.

Invest on a good juicer and create your own juice recipe. :)

The following links gives you a clearer information about organic food and its overall contribution to the society and environment. Remember to copy and paste the link to function.


Wherever we may be, I believe that we can do the same practice. Slowly. 


Question to ponder.

How can we serve others better? 


This blogsite is not an advertising firm. I solely own it and it is my pleasure to write, share, learn and help in promoting the care for our environment in my special way. The people, incidents and things that I feature are meant to serve awareness to young people and to everybody around the globe. :)

My willingness to be better at writing and research has pushed me to have my own webpage.  I am making a research about different topics from time to time and hoping to reach those people with inspirational thoughts, love for music, art, culture and more.


-Sheree Ann Kratmann Indiongco