The winter season is over and spring is on its way to Denmark. It is wet, windy, a little cold but sunny and "hyggeligt". This is a very danish word that is characterized by people experiencing comfort in the company of their families, friends, and acquaintances.

"Hyggeligt" is a danish word used to express the state of being cozy, relax, peaceful and comfortable while doing different activities or just when drinking a warm cup of good and strong coffee.

I have been here in Denmark for almost two years now and it made me understand how the Danes emphasize it each time they feel happy in a given "hyggeligt" situation.

I remember in the previous winter time, I said to my husband a couple of times "it feels so dark and cold outside" and he will automatically answer "det er hyggeligt".

It is a multi-cultural country and in general, we used to call the people living here "Danes". "Danes is a short word for Danish (referring to the nationality). As with what many immigrants who comes to Denmark to live and integrate, it is important that they could understand the local language and how people live. Technology is a big part of it. One has his/her personal "CPR nummer or personnummer" which stands for Det Centrale Person Register. Similar to what we called (SSS) Social Security System in the Philippines. CPR is widely used and gives access to different things associated with healthcare, bank and other transactions, inquiries and more.

see the official site of CPR here: https://www.cpr.dk/borgere/


In english version, you may try to check this website:



From my own observation, danes loves staying at home and sitting in front of the computer, watching tv, baking, painting, reading and anything that makes it possible for them to enjoy their daily lives at home after office hours especially in the long winter months. When I say office hours in Denmark, it is from 08:00 to 15:00, so people with families have enough time to pick-up their children from school. Well some work longer than these hours and different shifts like anywhere in the world.

In addition to working hours, weekends is usually the rest days or preferred day-offs and that what makes it more "hyggeligt". There is a term "Work-Life-Balance" which you can read more in the following link.


Some people living in Denmark could not always agree to the "Work-Life-Balance" and as I said in the first part of this blog about the dane's working hours, it is a case to case basis and how an individual sees it is differently from one person to another. At the end of the shift, it is always "hyggeligt".

On the other side, I miss my homeland Philippines where it is always warm and sunny. It is very "hyggeligt" especially when you are drinking coffee and having a sensible conversation with a good friend at home or sometimes in a stylish coffee shop.

I think I am very lucky to meet a man with a passion for fresh coffee. That makes it more "hyggeligt."




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-Sheree Ann Kratmann Indiongco